5 star ratings on Salesforce AppExchange

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Take the lead with ARPEDIO’s Account-Based Selling platform, and set your sales team up for success.

Account Management in Salesforce

Based on thorough, yet easily manageable account assessments directly in Salesforce this tool ensures a unique management overview of performance across all key accounts, while equipping strategic account managers with the best working environment to manage the complex journey of long-term account development.

Opportunity Management in Salesforce

Qualify your pipeline by forecasting more precisely based on facts rather than on gut feeling. ARPEDIO provides you with concrete guidance that easily but intelligently assesses your opportunities natively in Salesforce. Experience the difference by significantly increasing revenue on even your most complex deals!

Relationship Mapping in Salesforce

Finally! Get rid of outdated PowerPoints and Excel sheets. It’s time to map, manage and improve your critical stakeholder relationships directly in Salesforce. Get an instant overview and recognize where to take immediate action!

Org Charts in Salesforce

Enrich your Salesforce CRM platform with the best Org Chart tool on the market. ARPEDIO creates interactive Org Charts based on your existing data, allowing you to get the full overview of your clients’ organizational hierarchy.

White Space Analysis in Salesforce

Get your mind set on opportunities for expansion or deals that need to be defended with ARPEDIO’s cross selling tool for digital white space analysis natively in Salesforce. Discover the blind spots and get ready to increase revenue.

5 star ratings on Salesforce AppExchange

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In my opinion, this is not just maybe the best - it is second to none best tool on the market, supporting the width of account management. It is complexity build in a user-friendly and easy-to-work with solution.

Kasper Tvedebrink
Love the capability within the tool to set templates for our customer relationship health metrics and the ability to quickly see the health score for each of our accounts whether they are high, mid or low touch. This is a great tool for the Customer Success team!
Leigh Taylor
This tool is really transformational to our business and enables us to clearly communicate internally and externally how we plan to move forward in accounts in a proactive manner. I would definitely recommend this.

Josh Seddon
Eagle Eye

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5 star ratings on Salesforce AppExchange
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5 star ratings on Salesforce AppExchange

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