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Professional B2B sales training often fails in two specific areas: 1) It is dependent on a certain sales methodology that you are not familiar with, and 2) Lots of good intentions but no real adoption is carried out when you are back at the office.

The ARPEDIO B2B sales training mitigates both of these obstacles. The training is carried out on your own terms, meaning in your chosen sales methodology and/or sales best practice, and along with the training comes concrete tools (actual tools!) that will serve as your command center in Salesforce for many years to follow, securing a strong and highly efficient adoption.


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Customized B2B sales training

We customize B2B sales training to fit your exact needs, regardless of your chosen sales methodology. We focus our training on your sales best practice – or customize it to be able to identify or define your sales best practice. Our sessions focuses around either one or a combination of the following areas:

Strategic Relationship Building

Strategic Account Management

Opportunity- and Pipeline Management & Qualification (Sales Excellence)

Cross selling

All topics are tied to our digital solutions in Salesforce, which increase the adoption while ensuring new learning will actually stick and and become new behavior. All in all: Giving you real and long-term value of your training and getting you and your team up and running – also after we have said goodbye to each other.

NB: Please note that our training requires use of Salesforce. Not a Salesforce user? Our experienced consultants would be happy to help you identify the right Salesforce solution that fit your needs.

Successful adoption: The result of appropriate anchoring

Companies invest heavily in training their sales organizations, which is GREAT news! The not so great part is that a majority of the participants experience very little or no effect at all when they reach the office on Monday morning post training.

ARPEDIO has many years of experience with (and within) big global sales organizations engaged in complex solution sales. We have put this extensive knowledge into our work in developing meaningful training that is adoptable from the very beginning!

Through many years of development, we have developed a handful of world-class tools for B2B Sales Professionals and Strategic Account Managers, natively integrated in Salesforce. These tools (or ‘solutions’ as we like to call them) range from digital setups for relationship management and automated org chart features to cross selling and highly advanced account– and opportunity management . All customizable to fit into the terminology and methodology applicable for your work.

Our B2B Sales Training is closely connected with our ARPEDIO Sales- and Strategic Account Management Solutions. The training is not “just” stored in your head, but anchored in an actual tool that will stay with you once you are back in the office, making the training investment adoptable and value adding in a long-term perspective.

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