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ARPEDIO accelerates B2B sales professionals all over the world! As recognized Salesforce.com experts, we guide and reinforce your sales force to reach new heights.


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ARPEDIO provides a comprehensive Account-Based Selling platform, fully integrated with Salesforce. It empowers strategic account managers and sales leadership with a 360-degree view of each account, encompassing visual Org Charts, Relationship Mapping, Account and Opportunity Management, and White Space Analysis. This integrated approach not only establishes a single source of truth but also cultivates an optimal working environment for effectively navigating the intricate journey of long-term account development.

ARPEDIO is committed to boosting sales outcomes by digitizing and automating complex solution selling processes. Our value lies in enhancing visibility into each account’s potential, enabling sales teams to meticulously identify and engage key stakeholders. ARPEDIO aims to optimize sales efforts, reducing the manual workload involved in tracking and managing opportunities throughout the sales cycle. By translating sales frameworks and best practices into streamlined processes, ARPEDIO enhances alignment, transparency, and efficiency, ultimately leading to improved sales rep productivity, increased pipeline value, higher win rates, and more accurate forecasts.

We operate in three business areas:

ARPEDIO Solutions, offering a comprehensive Account-Based Selling platform, fully integrated with Salesforce.

ARPEDIO Consulting Services with Salesforce professionals guiding you and ensuring you get the maximum value out of your CRM investment.​​

ARPEDIO B2B Sales Training, customizing sales and account training programs. ​

We believe in a transparent and honest approach to all of our projects, and we operate with integrity and high personal commitment.

Our story

ARPEDIO was founded back in 2012, originally providing applications in Salesforce.com for B2B Sales and Strategic Account Management. The business quickly expanded, and since 2018 we have run a parallel business of professional Salesforce Consulting services. These two areas of business make ARPEDIO a solid hub of Salesforce experts in every aspect.

Today, ARPEDIO is home to skilled consultants, enthusiastic salespeople, dedicated developers and creative marketers (and many more) who all work together towards the same goal: To help our clients sell more by simplifying complex solution selling and transforming sales frameworks and sales best practices into digitized, automated processes that increase alignment, transparency and efficiency.

We are Copenhagen-based but with dedicated employees spread all over the world!

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Account-Based Selling Platform

ARPEDIO provides a comprehensive Account-Based Selling platform, fully integrated with Salesforce.


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#1 Account-Based Selling Platform

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Enable dynamic org charts in Salesforce. 

Improve your critical stakeholder relationships.

Boost win rates, reduce sales cycles! Enhance forecast accuracy. 

Discover upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

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