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Enable dynamic org charts in Salesforce

Supercharge Salesforce: Navigate decision-making hierarchy, spot key players, and ensure deal success with full account hierarchy insight. 

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Org Chart Software

What's in it for me?

Achieve full transparency

  • Visualize stakeholders using dynamic org charts integrated into Salesforce and eliminate the need to rely on human memory or desktop files.

  • Facilitate seamless information sharing among teams to ensure universal access to critical data.

  • Associate stakeholders with specific opportunities and gain insights into their value in each deal.

Intuitive and easy to navigate

  • The simple drag-and-drop feature enables you to move (hundreds of) contacts around effortlessly, while automatically updating your account data.

  • Divide org charts into separate branches for a more organized and detailed overview when necessary.

  • Add consultants, coaches, partners, or contacts who are not associated with a particular account.

Personalize contact cards

  • Add photos of individual stakeholders to the contact card, providing you with a visual memory aid for easy identification.

  • Add stakeholders’ LinkedIn profiles to their contact cards for quick and easy access.

Instant overview of who knows whom

  • Replace the dull contact list view with an interactive and visually engaging representation of your critical stakeholders.

  • Get full transparency into who knows whom, how well you know them, who the most important stakeholders are, who’s collaborating on accounts, by combining the ARPEDIO Org Chart with the power of ARPEDIO Relationship Mapping.

Unlock AI potential with a solid data foundation

  • Build a solid data foundation: ARPEDIO lays the groundwork for AI by establishing a strong data foundation, ensuring you know what good looks like.

  • Streamline AI Integration: With ARPEDIO assessments, you can streamline your path to Salesforce Einstein, making data-driven decisions and automating processes aligned with proven success metrics.

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5 star ratings on Salesforce AppExchange

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In my opinion, this is not just maybe the best - it is second to none best tool on the market, supporting the width of account management. It is complexity build in a user-friendly and easy-to-work with solution.
Kasper Tvedebrink
Love the capability within the tool to set templates for our customer relationship health metrics and the ability to quickly see the health score for each of our accounts whether they are high, mid or low touch.
Leigh Taylor
This tool is really transformational to our business and enables us to clearly communicate internally and externally how we plan to move forward in accounts in a proactive manner. I would definitely recommend this.
Josh Seddon
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Boost win rates, reduce sales cycles! Enhance forecast accuracy.

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5 star ratings on Salesforce AppExchange

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