The Future of B2B Sales with AI & Account-Based Selling

Three industry experts from Forrester, Salesforce and ARPEDIO unravel the challenges and benefits of AI implementation, addressing issues related to data quality, trust, and the pivotal role of AI in enhancing productivity and quality within sales organizations.

The session covers everything you need to know about empowering sales leaders, applying Account-Based Selling (ABS) technologies and AI in Salesforce ecosystems, and the crucial interplay between technology, trust, and the future of B2B interactions.

Highlights from the session

  • Deep customer understanding is key

    Deep customer understanding is crucial for successful B2B sales and ABS strategies. Ground your ABS strategy in profound customer insights, including identities, preferences, priorities, and decision-making processes. AI enhances this understanding, enabling faster and more effective resource prioritization.

  • Overcoming sales cycles with technology

    Extended sales cycles and sales professional transitions are major B2B sales challenges. ABS technologies, CRM systems, and AI offer solutions by enhancing account visibility, coordinating sales efforts, and providing insights. Together, they manage extended sales cycles, ensure transparency in account planning, and facilitate smoother transitions between sales professionals.

  • AI as an enabler, not a replacement

    AI integration into ABS aims to enhance, not replace, sales professionals' capabilities, as noted by experts from Forrester and Salesforce. AI automates tasks, offers insights, and streamlines the sales process, freeing up sales professionals for meaningful interactions. However, building trust in AI systems and ensuring data quality are crucial challenges for successful implementation. Ultimately, the future of B2B sales depends on the harmonious synergy between AI technologies and human expertise.

When we (Forrester) talk with Sales Leaders, they are not focused on reducing their workforce, they are focused on making the workforce they have more efficient, more productive, more successful, and I think that is a key benefit.
Steve Silver
VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester

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