New release: How much time do you spend crafting account plans in PowerPoint?

One of the things we hear Strategic Account Managers complain about the most, is the endless hours they spend creating (endless) account plans in PowerPoint. What’s even worse is that they are outdated the minute you look away from the document. 

Many of us resort to Excel and other tools, but let’s face it, it’s time-consuming and inefficient. Plus, how often do you revisit those outdated documents – honestly?

With our new feature, you can now consolidate everything within ARPEDIO’s Account Planning solution. The new component provides a strategic roadmap with actionable goals, enhancing transparency, collaboration, and most importantly: efficiency! 

  • Account Objectives

    Account Objectives are the specific targets and end goals that the Account Team is diligently working towards. The objectives serve the purpose of providing clarity and understanding regarding the priorities for the Account.

  • Account Goals

    Account Goals are directly linked to the Account Objectives, ensuring that every goal contributes to the overall success of the Account. This alignment ensures efforts are focused on achieving strategic outcomes.

  • Action Plans

    Action Plans are devised to execute specific actions aimed at fulfilling the planned Account Goals. They provide a structured approach to accomplishing objectives efficiently and effectively.

  • Revenue Targets

    Revenue Targets are set to measure the success of the Account. These targets represent the desired revenue outcomes associated with the actions outlined in the Action Plans. They serve as benchmarks for assessing Account performance and progress.

Make the switch from managing individual account plans in old PowerPoint presentations to dynamic account planning directly within Salesforce. This transition not only saves valuable time for your strategic account managers but also streamlines data consolidation.

Are you still not quite ready to bid farewell to PowerPoint? Don’t worry! You can export your entire account plan and all the updated data with just one click – even in your own branded templates. 

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