Key Learnings: Implementing Arpedio at Deloitte

Key Learnings: Implementing Arpedio at Deloitte

By implementing ARPEDIO’s software, Deloitte was able to establish a common sales language and standardize processes across business units, leading Deloitte to engage with their strategic accounts as one unified organization.

Four years ago Deloitte wanted to start building strategic relationships with their key accounts and find a way to prioritize sales opportunities. Their mission was to rethink the existing silo-based sales mentality and come up with a unified approach to dealing with clients across business units. Anders Pedersen was appointed to lead that change. 

Here are a few key learnings from Anders: 

  • When working with Account Management, the Arpedio solution assessment has undoubtedly created a common understanding throughout the organization as to why we prioritize some customers and targets over others. This can often be an emotional discussion, but now, we base these decisions on a factual foundation that everyone has helped define.
  • The Arpedio software is an incredibly powerful tool for the individual salesperson – and myself as Director – in our daily work of prioritizing, driving and further developing opportunities, and thus also growing everyone’s individual pipeline as well as our overall pipeline.
  • In a complex matrix organization with five different business areas and a wide range of sub-areas, there are naturally many different services to offer customers. An important benefit that the Arpedio solution gave us is an insight into what we sell to which areas within our customer’s businesses – both at department and country level.
  • Finally, the customer relationship application has given us a valuable insight into “who knows who” across our entire organization. It has created transparency in both power structure, accessibility and frequency of meetings with individual relations and key stakeholders at our priority customers and targets.

Download the full Deloitte Case Study here:https://go.arpedio.com/deloitte-case

Deloitte case study: Implementering Arpedio at Deloitte
Implementing Arpedio at deloitte - Anders Pedersen
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