Arpedio offers multiple powerful solutions to manage your key accounts

Powerful tools to manage and maintain accounts

Grow your strategic accounts

Use our powerful solutions to manage and grow your accounts, improve relationships with critical stakeholders, and explore new opportunities — without ever losing sight of the big picture. Optimize processes to increase performance and train your strategic account management teams to adopt best practices at every step.

SAMA partnership

Tactical assistance for account management

Manage and explore multiple opportunities at once without ever losing sight of the big picture. 


  • Retain and grow strategic accounts by generating actionable insight
  • Identify upsell opportunities in live assessments
  • No surprises! The account score reveals real-time opportunity status

Arpedio Sales is a sales-opportunity planning and deal-pursuit tool that helps you and your team increase your odds of winning more deals. In today’s B2B sales environment, you need more than a predefined, one-size-fits-all sales process. You need a solution that provides you with a 360-degree view of all critical  aspects of your account opportunities and then helps you identify and plan the activities most likely to move your deals forward. 


With Arpedio Sales, you will always understand exactly  where you are in the sales cycle. Arpedio Sales supports you in planning and executing the optimal sales strategy by scoring your opportunities based on real progress made. By replacing “gut feel” with objectivity, you can drive forecast accuracy higher.


Arpedio Sales helps account managers focus on what to do next, not what they’ve already done. We have captured top performer sales DNA, enriched it and structured it in industry-specific templates, which come  embedded in Arpedio Sales.


Don’t reinvent the wheel. Arpedio Sales allows you to make your account management best practices available to everyone in your organization and convert this institutional knowledge into suggested actions inside the platform. By working across the whole organization on sales opportunities, you can close more deals, faster.

Arpedio Sales on computer, tablet and smartphone
Arpedio SAMA Partnership

Synergies in strategic value co-creation 

The Strategic Account Management Association (SAMA) and Arpedio offer a co-creation solution designed specifically for the needs of strategic and key accounts.


To strengthen the spread and adoption of SAMA’s proven methods, SAMA chose Arpedio’s powerful account-management and relationship-assessment platform as a technology partner. SAMA’s seven-step value co-creation framework has already been adopted and put into use by hundreds of the world’s leading B2B companies. 


This value co-creation brings a cutting-edge solution designed for strategic and key account managers to objectively assess customer relationships and systematically  progress through the stages of a value co-creation engagement.


Want to learn more about our solution with SAMA? Get the presentation here!

Who knows who

Visualize all stakeholders and make sure time is spent efficiently by matching the right key account team members with the right customer stakeholder. 


Eliminate Post-its and spreadsheets forever in favor of a more structured and shareable approach, making new information instantly available to every member of the team –  without ever losing track of data. Identify and assess stakeholders in minutes and get the full overview of an account in the form of a heat map. 


Our solution evaluates the level of completeness of the stakeholder matrix and expresses it in a score. As you strengthen your relationships with critical stakeholders and gradually gain their support for your solution, your score will increase from zero to five. You can easily build action plans to improve your relationships and manage your stakeholders by creating Salesforce tasks from within the Matrix app. 


Arpedio Matrix offers a simple visual overview that gives your teams full visibility into an account, making it easy to recognize areas of need and to take action. By analyzing stakeholder relationships using the software, your strategic and key accounts organization will be far better at forecasting and more likely to reach their sales targets.

Arpedio Matrix on computer, tablet and smartphone
Arpedio offers top-of-the-line SAM training

Strengthen your competences and share best practice

Arpedio offers top-of-the-line SAM training that helps you stay on top of your game and ahead of soaring customer expectations. Starting in your company’s Sales Best Practice combined with many years of account management experience results in measurable effectiveness. 


Furthermore, Arpedio is the Strategic Account Management Association’s only  training facilitator and coordinator based in the Nordics. 


The most difficult part of any training is making it stick. Arpedio’s solutions prevent people from slipping into old habits by anchoring the training and making it available to your entire team inside Salesforce. We and our distinguished partners believe this is the future of account management.

Consulting services to support your digital transformation

Improve overall performance by streamlining and automating processes in Salesforce — custom-tailored for your company. 


Arpedio Consulting is a full-stack Salesforce consulting company. We make sure that your digital transformation goes seamlessly and optimizes every process to best serve your specific business needs. We help companies with Salesforce implementation, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Salesforce admin, training, user adoption, and architectural recommendations. 


If you engage us for consulting services, you will have a single point of contact from the beginning of our engagement until the end. We are committed to finding the most clever and cost-efficient way to deliver the right solution for your needs while maintaining total transparency throughout the project.


Through our vast network of partners, we are uniquely positioned to deploy manpower with the specific set of competencies needed to solve any business or technological problem you have.