What is ARPEDIO?

ARPEDIO is the Sales Success Company. Period. Our Saas software tools provide on-demand guidance, coaching and decision support for sales professionals working with complex sales. Our solution can stand alone or function as a sales success add-on to Salesforce CRM. We work with CRM vendors to help our customers adopt our solutions and we are part of the Independent Software Vendor program at Salesforce.com. Furthermore, ARPEDIO has specialized in serving Salesforce using companies, and has access to a wide variety of Salesforce resources to support any needs. These include consultants, developers, architects and data scientists, which can handle most request.

With ARPEDIO’s solutions deployed our customers are able to close more business faster, retain important customers, prioritize deals in the pipeline intelligently and make solid decisions about what to put on the forecast for the current quarter.

ARPEDIO enables sales success for individuals and for the companies they work for.

We wish to establish and develop an exemplary company which delivers solutions that support individuals as well as the companies they work for in delivering unprecedented business results. We are proud to serve Fortune 1000 companies such as Deloitte, Axalta, Epicor, E2open and ITW along with a couple of handfuls of emerging technology companies.


ARPEDIO helps businesses grow their top-line while adding accuracy to the forecast and pipeline. ARPEDIO’s platform includes tools that allow Sales Reps working with Complex Sales to manage their stakeholders, identify Industry Specific Challenges and Sales Best Practices.

  • Founded in 2012
  • Based in Copenhagen and Palo Alto
  • Salesforce.com ISV Partner in 2014
  • Silicon Valley Office in Palo Alto in 2015
  • Investors: Lars Torpe Christoffersen, Jan Sindesen and Torben Frigaard Rasmussen


ARPEDIO is based from the four first letters in Assess, Reflect, Plan and Execute.

  • Assess: Where are you? 
  • Reflect: Why are you where you are?
  • Plan: What do you need to do accomplish to move you from where you are, to where you want to be?
  • Execute: Even the brightest plans fail if they are not implemented and executed. When you consistently train Assess, Reflect, Plan & Execute – you will eventually become a master or as they say in Italy a god,
  • Dio, A-R-P-E-DIO.


ARPEDIO offers sales enablement software that allows sales reps to:

  • Analyze strategic accounts or sales opportunities
  • Identify potential pitfalls and plan preemptive moves and actions
  • Plan and execute next steps based on industry specific sales best practice
  • Analyze and optimize every step of the sales process
  • Map and analyze important stakeholders


  • Health check for Salesforce implementations
  • Get technical know-how
  • Access to Salesforce resources, on and off-site
  • Review of the sales enablement strategy

On the web

Website: arpedio.com

Sales Academy Blog: https://arpedio.com/category/blogs/arpedio-sales-academy/

News Blog: arpedio.com/general-news


ARPEDIO is a thought leader in sales and sales management in complex sales and enterprise sales. ARPEDIO regularly provides free resources such as webinars, whitepapers, eBooks, videos, communities, blog articles, studies and reports, etc.


Ulrik Monberg CEO & co-founder | ARPEDIO Svanemøllevej 41 2900 Hellerup Denmark Telephone: +45 31 46 31 56 | E-mail: um@arpedio.com

Often used terms and abbreviations

Complex Sales

Complex sales (or enterprise sales) is the kind of sales that has long sales cycles from 6 to 24 months. Typically there are a lot of stakeholders to manage both internally within your own organization and externally at the customers organization. Often there are external advisors involved as well.

SaaS – Software as a Service

Is a software model where you do not have to install software on your computer or on servers in your basement. The software is accessed through a web browser and offers the user great mobility. Only thing needed to access your software is an internet connection.

CRM: Customer Relationship Management

CRM is the term used for keeping track of customer transactions. Fx. different office locations, contact persons, interactions, marketing campaigns etc. Besides that is is often the platform for keeping track of sales opportunities, and the company pipeline and forecast.

Sales Pipeline and Forecast

Any company needs to keep track of projected sales and revenue. This task is done through the company sales pipeline and sales forecast. The biggest issue for Sales Leaders, however, is that the accuracy of the sales pipeline often is poor – due to lack of consistency and structure. Every sales rep has his or hers own definition of when a deal is 80% or 20% sure.


Salesforce.com is the worlds biggest provider of SaaS CRM solutions. With a market share globally just shy of 15% it is the number one player in this market. Other players in this field are companies like SAP, Microsoft CRM, Oracle CRM etc.

ISV Partner

An ISV partner is an independant software vendor who delivers software that adds functionality to Salesforce.com. The software is available for Salesforce.com customers through the Salesforce.com App Exchange. Every ISV must be approved by Salesforce and undergoes a thorough security check before approval.


One of many accellerator programs in Silicon Valley. ScaleIT aims at helping primarily Danish based tech startups to enter the eco-system of Silicon Valley and accellerate the go-to-market for new companies, products and technologies.