Interview: Digitizing strategic account management and complex B2B sales processes

As Arpedio are Global Technology Partners of the Strategic Account Management Association (SAMA), Arpedio’s Founder and CEO, Ulrik Monberg, did an interview with SAMA’s own Harvey Dunham, Managing Director of marketing and strategy,  to discuss how the Arpedio solutions digitize strategic account management and complex sales processes.

Listen to the interview and get to know how Arpedio offers a specific solution to how B2B companies can grow their customer relationships and manage complex sales through digital transformation.

“Arpedio has come up with what I think is a simple solution that’s very powerful and elegant in its simplicity, because it allows you to take something complex, the relationship of these large multinational firms, and boil it down to its essence so that you can actually do things about it.”

Harvey Dunham, Managing Director of marketing and strategy, SAMA

Who is SAMA?

The Strategic Account Management Association (SAMA) is the convener of the largest, most diverse community of strategic accounts practitioners in the world, with more than 11,000 members worldwide. SAMA enables world-class companies to gain a competitive advantage and secure market position by helping them build world-class capabilities around strategic account management.

Please, reach out if we should give you a short introduction to how Arpedio can help you digitize your strategic account management or sales processes. This is of course fully noncommittal.