We are looking for a Student Assistant – Sales & Business Development

We are looking for a Student Assistant – Sales & Business Development

Do you want to drive a sales process from start to end: The first call, a handful of sales meetings, closing the deal, and in the end delivering the product?
Do you want to have a big amount of responsibility and be recognized for every progress you make?
If you thrive with a flexible workday and high expectations of proactivity, Arpedio is the place for you.


Job Description


As a student at Arpedio you will be working closely with the team to help us market, develop, and sell our solutions.
It’s important you are tech-savvy and have a natural interest in business development, sales, and marketing. We imagine you have a background in business/sales, but we are ready to be surprised. Most importantly: You possess an entrepreneurial mindset and are ready to help us achieve our ambitious growth targets, as we are currently expanding our team rapidly.
When you start, you’ll get a thorough introduction to Arpedio’s sales process as well as our marketing approach and then you will work closely with the management team to help us create and manage sales opportunities and bring them to closure. You should not be afraid to challenge us with your knowledge or new ideas, and you should have a strong desire to learn.
We expect you to work around 15 hours a week with big flexibility both for and from you.


Key Job Requirements


  • 2-4 years into your studies at CBS, ITU, KU, DTU, etc. with focus on
  • A proven track record within sales and/or telemarketing from previous jobs
  • Desire to support us in creating demand, managing sales opportunities and creating revenue
  • Can work in fast-paced teams, but also run with tasks by yourself
  • Not afraid of proposing new ways of doing things or of showing unfinished work
  • Tech-savvy and have an interest in start-ups
  • Fluent in written and spoken English – Danish is an advantage

The adventure vi offer


At Arpedio you’ll become a part of a small team. We are currently 15 people, but we have taken big steps recently and are growing rapidly.
This is your opportunity to be part of a real start-up experience.
We are passionate about innovation through software and in making salespeople successful. You’ll get plenty of responsibility and insights on how to grow and manage an international tech start-up.
We have a great deal of international clients and we regularly conduct business outside Denmark.


Contact & Application


If interested, please send your resume, application, grades, and other relevant documents to Rune Hansen before September 1st 2020.

You are also very welcome to reach out for more information and/or questions.

Rune Hansen; Mail: rune@arpedio.com; Phone: +45 28 29 94 21

About Arpedio


Arpedio is a Sales Success Company in the Salesforce CRM ecosystem. We enable sales success for individuals and for the companies they work for.
Our services can be broken into two categories:
1. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tools that provide on-demand guidance, coaching, and decision support for sales professionals working with complex sales, thus making it simpler. With Arpedio’s solutions deployed our customers are able to close more business faster, retain important customers, prioritize deals in the pipeline intelligently, and make solid decisions about what to put on the forecast for the current quarter.

2. Assisting our clients with Salesforce Consulting to make them succeed with Salesforce.

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