Managed Services

Do you sometimes experience complications with Salesforce that you don’t have time to fix? Do you have the need for certain improvements made on demand?

We offer managed services, with the opportunity to scale per day if development issues are required. You know the exact monthly spend, and all changes, developments and issues can be solved when you want.

We offer individual support services based on the following 4 components:

Incident management. An incident can be a user question or an interruption where the users cannot execute their work. In the incident management process, we solve incidents based on priority. A solution consists of a user instruction or a workaround, where the user can continue their work, but in general not a change to the system.

Change Management. The need for change can come from new insights from your product management team, from new customer requirements or as a result of problem analysis. In the change management process a use case is created, incl. acceptance criteria. We make an analysis of the requests, submit them for planning with your approval, and execute them. 

Problem management. Sometimes incidents keep occurring or occur with multiple installations. Incidents become problems in such cases. We pro-actively analyze the reported incidents and mark them as problems if they occur regularly in the problem management process. We also analyze the identified problems and propose solutions to you.

Service management. In the Service Management process we manage the services described above. We measure our performance, improve it where necessary, and inform you about our performance on a regular basis.  

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