A bomb under your customer stakeholder management

A bomb under your customer stakeholder management

– With ARPEDIO Matrix you move your customer and stakeholder data into a secure and controlled environment

On May 25. 2018 GDPR will no longer be something businesses prepare for. It will be reality and something we all must comply with.

To close deals within complex sales, the importance of knowing your stakeholders cannot be neglected. Therefore, most business professionals collect loads of customer data and performs tons of stakeholder analyses. These insights are stored in very different ways. Both offline and online. Some notes go on paper, some goes into spreadsheets on hard drives, and some goes into CRM systems or other cloudbased solutions. With GDPR a compliant company is obliged to know exactly what is written down where. About all its customers(!).

Imagine what would happen if a customer used one of the GDPR rights and requested to see all stored personal data on her/him. Would anyone in your company know where to find all the different sales reps’ locally stored data? How long would it take to collect the data?

By using ARPEDIO Matrix on Salesforce you would. ARPEDIO Matrix is an advanced stakeholder management tool for creating stakeholder maps and analyzing relationships. With ARPEDIO Matrix installed your team would never need to file Stakeholder notes any other place than in the CRM where it belongs.

When planning for GDPR, ask yourself how you can keep the valuable data and facilitate it supporting your sales reps, without creating too much trouble accessing and collecting it when needed! By using the right tools your data continues to enable your sales reps creating fantastic customer experiences and ultimately close more deals.