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New strategic partnership between ARPEDIO and Cultivator

New strategic partnership between Arpedio and Cultivator will improve the way companies work with Sales Best Practice and Sales Coaching

Streamlining the delivery and implementation of Sales Best Practice – locally and globally

ARPEDIO ApS., a leading provider of software for the ecosystem and Cultivator A/S, a professional service company with expertise in the commercial excellence, today announced the formation of a strategic partnership to streamline the delivery and implementation of Sales Best Practice in local as well as global companies.

The direct connection and synergy between Cultivator’s ability to create and implement the best sales behavior in sales organizations and ARPEDIO’s tools to make sales coaching available in, will enable clients to improve their sales organization’s performance.

The main goal: Empowering the individual

Usage of software solutions and machine learning tools to improve behavior, based on actual human behavior, is increasingly being used in modern CRM solutions. To empower the individuals, organizations must focus on how to empower business professionals in a way that creates value for the individual by motivating reflections and creating room for interpretation of the facts presented by systems. This is where Cultivator and ARPEDIO will provide a particularly strong partnership and benefits to companies by providing experience and proven tools for empowering business professionals.

Shorter sales cycles + improved pipeline and forecast accuracy

For companies in time pressured industries, moving from stage gate sales processes to lean and concurrent agile efforts based on how the best performing individuals behave, helps to shorten sales cycles and by improving pipeline and forecast accuracy.

“It is my pleasure to announce that from now on Cultivator can support their clients with ARPEDIO tools. Cultivator is known for their strong understanding of how to change the organizational behaviors and improve sales organizations’ performances. We at AREPDIO are truly excited to be able to gain access to this knowledge and to be able to embed this in our ARPEDIO Sales and ARPEDIO Matrix platforms for,” says Ulrik Monberg, Founder, ARPEDIO ApS.

“ARPEDIO’s tool is for us a missing link in our projects, where the goal is to develop, train and, not least, anchor Best Practice in the Customer Sales Organization,” explains Claes Hestehave, Senior Partner, Cultivator, and continues: “The tool is simple and useful. ARPEDIO has great insight into what it takes for a sales rep to use such a tool – we look forward to the cooperation” said Claes Hestehave, Senior Partner, Cultivator.

The ARPEDIO tools are readily available for purchase from – the online platform for purchasing business applications.

For more information please visit and


ARPEDIO software is for business to business sales organizations facing complex sales process and sales cycles – and where pipeline accuracy and sales cycle times are under scrutiny and business professionals want to perform better.

Fast, easy – focusing on real progress

ARPEDIO makes it easy to set up your company’s best practice sales process implementing the terms and descriptions you already use. One click is all it takes. You can immediately build a plan and create actions. Create tasks with one click, and the actions are committed automatically to the open activities list for accounts or opportunities in ARPEDIO is incredibly easy to use, and creates instant value for your sales reps which results in higher usability of your CRM system resulting in management transparency and increased sales.

Get visualized sales progress with dynamic pipeline monitoring
At a glance – see where to focus, what deals have stalled.

Achieve better, more accurate forecasts

With objective scoring and consistent coaching you can improve sales forecast accuracy.

About Cultivator
Cultivator is typically chosen due to our partners’ great project commitment, extensive experience and in-depth industry insight.

We help our clients reach their goals

The partners at Cultivator are all senior consultants and have gained extensive and valuable experience from the many different projects they have managed. As a result, they can assess a situation quickly and make swift recommendations for the process needed for the clients to attain their goals. Cultivator clients appreciate the fact that our partners have the courage and experience needed and that they are not afraid of having a good discussion.

All Cultivator’s clients know our partners’ high energy level, enthusiasm and commitment to the client’s situation and the upcoming project – factors that are key to successful cooperation and excellent results. The partners at Cultivator have great international experience. Together with clients from a wide range of industries, they have achieved outstanding results in the Nordic countries, Europe, USA, and Asia.

Ulrik Monberg
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Claes Hestehave
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